My name is K. Mcfarlane also know as the C.A.C.E.D Queen (pronounced Caked) and my motto is “Sugar is my Passion, Fashion is my Fetish & I will live Everyday with Purpose!” I am the mother of a amazing micro-preemie named Kenai and reside in Hot to trot Texas lol. I am the voice behind Fashion & Sugar a lifestyle blog that explores fashion, food and life in itself.

My desire is to create a rippling effect amongst our next generation of girls to do just that “live everyday with purpose” first by searching within to find your purpose and second by being a C.A.C.E.D Queen which stands for “Classy, Admirable, Creative, Educated, Diamonds.” When you possess these attributes you know without a doubt you are a Queen.

My Empire consists of several businesses which are Mygi’s Bakery Cafe  an online bakery specializing in Custom treats and the Almost Famous “Nana Pudding”, a blog Fashion & Sugar which encompass the C.A.C.E.D Queen Movement, an upcoming webisode produced by Unique Reflections Productions, My daughter’s foundation One Tough Cookie  which strives to help families of premature babies or those at risk of having premature babies.

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