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I’m a wildly, passionate, creative, spirit who enjoys living out loud. My goal in life is for someone to read the stories of my life and expriences to learn from or be encouraged by them. I have (and do) share some of the most intimate parts of my life with people in hopes that they are inspired and in turn decide to live the best versions of their lives, whatever that may be.
I’m insanely inspired by people and their creations. Whether it be spoken word, a song they wrote or them just going after their dreams. I draw strength from their passion and it is my hope that I return the gift. My words are my gift and I do not take them for granted. Each day I’m learning to embrace my craft. I don’t always feel like my work is topnotch but it is always me.
To be a writer, blogger or anyone in the arts and share your work with the masses is one of the most vulnerable acts. You leave yourself open to be judged, laughed at, told you’re not good enough, hated on and/or misunderstood. In the same respect you also leave yourself open to the possibility of being embraced, loved beyond measure, understood and heard. I don’t write because I want to. I write because I have to. It’s in my spirit. If I go too long without writing something I feel this heavy, like I need to purge.
Every time I post I take my chances. If I am loved or hated is not my concern. I do this because it is me honoring God’s gift to me. My prayer is that each of you see the God in me. See my growth. See what He is capable of, through my words. So here I am. On a quest to tell stories, find my voice and encouraging others to do the same. In my own right. I hope you’ll join me as I take this journey of self-discovery, who knows what we’ll find in the depths of this old soul of mine.
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