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8 Things Women Hate About your Online Dating Profile

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A few years back, I embarked on a dating expedition to see, if eHarmony, Tinder and lived up to the hype. I was greatly disappointed. So many guys talk about women via social media wearing the wrong clothes or disliking our body types. There are a few things women hate about men’s online dating profiles.


1) Old pictures. If you’re on the computer or use social media, there is an assumption you have many selfies or pictures someone has tag you in. So why are you using photos from high school? You need to use pictures within the same year!! I need to see the progression of your hairline. Lol.

2) Using Face shots ONLY.  (No full-body pics). You have a full body….or don’t you remember? We need to see your head-to-body ratio. You never know we could be attracted to your arms, legs, smile etc.


3) You don’t look like your photo. Just as makeup can change how a woman looks, lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking can drastically change your appearance. Unless you’re a shape shifter we want you to look like the pictures.

4) Posing with Friends. We don’t want to pick you out of a friends lineup. And what if your friends are hotter than you? Take single shots or crop yourself out. LET YOUR SOUL GLOW …..ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!


5) Showing the goods. Dating sites are not Porn sites. Please don’t flash us. Leave something to the imagination. Most women are not going to find that attractive, because we don’t want everyone seeing what we will one day claim as ours.


6) Posing with another woman. Even if she is your sister or just a friend…we don’t want to imagine any competition. Women outnumber men, and we don’t want to see another woman close to you in your profile other than an older/elderly woman, i.e. your mother, grandmother or great aunts (must have grey hair). Lol.


7) Vague profile descriptions . Use your words, homie! We want to know more about you than your favorite NFL team (it better be Cowboys). Provide at lease 300 characters or three sentences about you, not your dog.


8) Proper use of the English Language. There is nothing more attractive than a man who can spell correctly and use proper grammar. In the beautiful world of spellcheck, there is no way you should misspell that many words.

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