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JordanBoxx Reviews Diddy’s Mixtape “MMM”

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Money Making Mitch! If you have an unfamiliar look on your face right now then you probably can’t be trusted, SMH… (Lol) Naw, but seriously Mitch is a legend & Paid In Full is a classic.


Mitch is that one loyal homeboy that everybody would claim to be, but we all know that loyalty and trust these days don’t really go hand and hand and the movie is a prime example of how you need to watch the company that you keep!Paid in Full

Diddy did justice on this Sonic Motion Picture , as he calls it. The production is on point, the features are well compiled, and the story is, well, legendary & classic to sum it up!
The whole project tells the story of Paid In Full based on the character Mitch and and if you’ve seen the movie then it all makes sense.
I won’t lie, I was a little skeptical about how I would feel about a Diddy 2015 project, but he did it justice!
“Everybody Eats B!”


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