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Letter To A Dope Boy | JordanBoxx

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First I’d like to start off by stating two important facts:

  1. In no way, shape, form, or fashion am I knocking anyone’s hustle
  2. I am NOT at any point supporting the illegal practice of Dope Dealin 
On a somewhat recent interview on The Breakfast Club I heard The Prince of Pan-Africanism Dr. Umar Johnson make a statement along the lines of, kids in the minority communities are being misdiagnosed with ADHD and are being given the same category of drugs that they are putting their fathers away in jail for illegally manufacturing, to say the least.
 With that being said I will speak on my first point.
For those of you that do choose to partake in this illegal practice, what do you do to get out of the game? Also, are you doing anything to help out your community or to benefit the youth so that they won’t ever have to make that a means to survive?
We all know that there are way better options than that. Crazy thing is, the ones that I usually see doing it are the ones that do have the talent to do other things such as athletic scholarships or truly have the book smarts to go to college and have a legit career; but I guess that leads to a different topic of who’s motivating and actually raising the youth that grow up to go down those paths. 
Point #2:
If you do consider yourself to be someone who upholds this position, even if you don’t, why show stuff like that on your social media accounts. Even if you aren’t worried about the law enforcement seeing it, do you not care about what the younger generations(that you should be trying to have a positive influence on) thinks when they see stuff like that? Especially the ones of you that the young ones really look up to and admire.(I guess snapchat is cool, cause kids don’t need that anyways lol
Anyways, I guess all I’m tryna say is be careful my people & use common sense, it’ll get you a long way! 
  • Do what you do for a reason & to better you and your fam 
  • Think about the kids, they’re observing & absorbing  
  • Think about the future, now is only temporary

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