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EXPRESSIVE HOPE | Jessica Howard

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​A Lil’ Bit About ME

I am a 25-year old introverted- extrovert (yep, it’s a thing) who LOVES learning/trying new things, eating, reading, smoothies, music, positively influencing kids from a spiritual or educational standpoint (since they ARE “the future”- right!?), wall decor, candy, blankets and laughing…a lot! Expressive Hope was founded by me, Jessica-which is an avenue for readers to learn, grow, be challenged and be encouraged to follow their passions. I’m currently a resident of THE massive city of Dallas,TX. Also, I’m a committed follower of Jesus and I absolutely LOVE my friends and family SO much- they seriously add so much value to my life that it’s honestly unfair to them. 😉 I’m someone who truly believes in the you live and you learn” quote. As cliche as it sounds, I’d rather experience things than learn from others’ lives. So I guess, that’s why I’m here- to express not only my passions but what I LEARN along this journey. Via Expressive Hope
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