Ashley Stewart – Love Your Curves Tour Comes to Dallas

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The Love Your Curves tour was created to boost brand awareness to consumers in our current retail markets. It also increases brand morale amongst our store teams and highlights our customers on social media by featuring them in our in-store fashion shows. By partnering with local bloggers, radio stations, and influencers; LYC 2015 has taken Ashley Stewart to new heights! It has increased our social media following, helped acquire new loyal clientele, solidified our current customer relationships, and developed a new event vendor base.

It goes without saying, LYC 2015 was a huge success! Store teams were not only able to connect with participating vendors, but have also been able to maintain relationships with them as well. This will be a great asset for future grassroots events.

For 2016, the LYC Tour will plan events at store locations that have not experienced the movement, allowing us to speak as one voice at the store level. Our projection for next year is that the LYC Tour will continue to grow within stores especially through our Girls Night Out Sip n’ Shops. Sip n Shops are customer appreciation events that pamper our Divas with glam-over’s, catered delights, dancing, and much more.

We can’t wait to see the Love Your Curves Tour movement grow, and for everyone to see what we have in store!

Love Your Curves Tour in Dallas will feature select DFW Black Bloggers Ambassadors to represent the Ashley Stewart Brands.



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