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FlawedFabulousFearless | Shelby Cummings

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I’m Shelby. I’m a 23-year old lover of life, traveling, new experiences, media, family, friends, food and most importantly God. I love my life because I’m in charge of how the story ends and I decided years ago that I’m going to live my life, my way, unapologetically. I LOVE who I’m becoming. I’m a huge believer in knowing your self-worth and investing in yourself continually. I’m a recent 2015 graduate with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Advertising.  I’m currently working towards my Master’s in Media, Communication & Technology because I have a passion for interacting and influencing positive, motivational work in today’s society.

I created FlawedFabulousFearless to express my thoughts and to inspire, motivate and encourage people to be the best versions of themselves and to never settle.  Sometimes we all need a reminder or push to keep going when we don’t/can’t seem to.  As I share my thoughts, tips and advice, I pray and hope that you’re encouraged to live your life, your way. Let’s navigate life together: flawed, fabulous & fearless. FlawedFabulousFearless

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