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GRASSROOTS | Heather Raquel

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My name is Heather Raquel and I write about the GrassRoots. What are the GrassRoots you may ask? One of the ways Webster describes GrassRoots is “Being or Originating” or in my own words starting from the bottom. In 2014 I cut off all of my hair and went natural. Now most people say that when you cut your hair it is such a liberating feeling, but for me it went a little deeper than that. Cutting my hair to me meant that I was cutting off all the hurt and pain from 2014 and finding my TRUE SELF. That year was the hardest year of my life and I didn’t know who I was or where my life going I was lost. So that August I said forget it I cut and dyed my hair blonde and that is when my journey to find myself started. So follow me on the journey to find myself while educating others about our history, fashion, politics, music, community and religion.  “Started from the bottom now I’m here!!”  VIA HUSH LOUNGE 

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