It’s Not That Complicated: Meet Jay Veal by Heather Racquel

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I remember when I was in school mathematics was my worst subject. From the 4th grade till my junior year in high jayschool I had a tutor or was going to tutoring. My mother would stay frustrated with me because I went through so many tutors back then. The funny part was when I went to college and breezed through college Algebra and Statistics and my mother tried to figure out how I understood that, but couldn’t get it when I was younger. My reply was, “I don’t know.” I wish there was a tutoring company around back then like “It’s Not That Complicated Tutoring” my mother would have loved them and probably saved money. I wish at the age of 10 I was able to tutor other kids in subjects that just came easy to me. So how do you become the #1 African American owned Tutoring Company in Dallas? Let’s ask Mr. Jay Veal.

Jay Veal is the 34 year old entrepreneur of It’s Not Complicated Tutoring.  In 2013 he launched INC Tutoring by going door to door off of 635 and Hillcrest. His first clients were a Hispanic family. At first they offered 32 subjects for tutoring, but now it’s all STEM based (Science, Math, and Test Prep). When Jay first launched it was difficult to get into the Market because the primary population in Dallas is not minority. Even with those obstacles that stood in his way INC has made lead way in the Dallas Market. For INC to tap into the University and Highland Park Market they have hired someone from SMU to help INC grow in those areas.  You would think because this is a Black Owned tutoring company that they would face the Black Owned Business Stigma. What is that Stigma? That they just cater to the Black Community, but INC has a marketing strategy that caters to people of all nationalities. Even though the majority of who they tutor are African American.

Jay Veal reminds me of Benjamin Banneker the first African American man who self-educated himself in astronomy and mathematics. Jay Veal growing up he wanted to be an IT because both of his parents were; just like Benjamin Banneker who started out working on his family farm. Both had dreams, but knew that they would have to take different routes to get there. Teaching did start out as Jay’s passion Computer Information Systems was and he exceled in it. He was on the road to becoming a CIO of a major company until he started tutoring and helping people in math. He kept getting emails about a teaching information class and he didn’t want to go, but after the third one he decided to go and see what it was all about. He loved it and the rest is History.

So what does Benjamin Banneker and Jay Veal have in common? Innovation! Jay took what he knew and came up with new ways of teaching and helping students learn. Benjamin Banneker took what he knew and wrote Almanacs to prove that African Americans were not as dumb as Whites thought we were. In his letter to Thomas Jefferson, Banneker acknowledged he was “of the African race” and a free man. He recognized that he was taking “a liberty” writing to Jefferson, which would be unacceptable considering “the almost general prejudice and prepossession which is so prevalent in the world against those of my complexion.” Banneker then respectfully chided Jefferson and other patriots for their hypocrisy, enslaving people like him while fighting the British for their own independence. This letter to Thomas Jefferson was said to be a part of the first Civil Rights Movement. As with Jay he is using his voice to make a difference in the community. He has partnered with so many other organizations to help spread education not only in the DFW Metroplex, but in other cities and States. So what’s next for Jay Veal? A Book? Or maybe opening up a center where tutoring is offered? I don’t know, but I am pretty sure that it will be GREAT!! So remember whatever your goals and dreams are in life It’s Not that Complicated to reach them.

For more information on Jay Veal go to or follow them on FB:                 INCTutoring and Twitter @INCTutoring and Linkedin: INCTutoring




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