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Style and fashion is very funny thing sometimes we are told one thing that will make our lives simple, then we are told another that complicates it all over again. The term “matchy matchy” was coined coming from a growing desire to break away from the usual desire of color coordination. This term has been used by bloggers, and t.v. personalities alike, usually used for the negative, while monochromatic is a something that can be easy to achieve you just have to know when and how to use it. Most people ask these questions how do I avoid being too matchy matchy; or how do I pull off monochromatic? I won’t deny these two are very related and can even be similar but here is the secret.

 Matchy Matchy is usually when an outfit has far too much of the same color scheme all at once. For example, wearing too navy blue, sky blue, and baby blue all together; is what we call in the fashion world “matchy matchy”. Color coordinating is not a bad thing but it can be a faux paw when it is done do often. I know you are wondering what does it matter? Well having everything in the same scheme reads as if you don’t have any true personal style; it literally is just matching colors, and we all know blue and blue go together, so how can you go wrong?

Monochromatic Style is where you are wearing the same color all over. Your first question isn’t that the same as matchy matchy? No it is not and here is why. Monochromatic is where you are wearing the same shade from the blazer, trousers, shirt and even the tie. This is different because if you wear the color wine; or burgundy as it is now being called again, for instance, wearing the same shade of this color adds a bit more chicness to your look, because it means you took the time to put this all together. To answer your question that is in your head, no you will not look like a human crayon. The way to pull of monochromatic as with any look is it’s all about the fit of the clothing on your body. The color must look good on you and against your skin color. So before you determine whether you can pull this off find out if your skin is more partial to warmer or cooler tones. I reiterate the fit is what will set you apart from the crowd.

Monochromatic has pulled off my many designer, it will make heads turn and says to the world you are willing to take risk with your style. If you are just not ready to take that leap, then stick with what you know and but don’t go overboard, because your style should never be boring.

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