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Hi! I’m Dr. Eric Patrick, but you can call me the Hip-Hop Stock Doc. I’m a pharmacist by trade, but fueled by finance. I love investing like I love Jamaican Punch at Bahama Bucks; the best shaved ice in all the land (don’t debate me on this). Moreover, I’m the Founder and CEO of Black Market Exchange, LLC, which is an investment education platform for millennials of colors. I use hip-hop and urban media to make investing fun and easy to understand. Whether I explain that choosing a broker is like choosing a music streaming service; or elaborate on how a company’s IPO (initial public offering) is like Lil Wayne dropping another Dedication or No Ceilings mixtape, your boy has got your covered so you can understand the stock market and can start investing with confidence.

My company has been around since late 2014, but I really started getting into financial blogging in late 2015. I realized that writing is one of the best ways to reach my audience outside of videos. I knew that if I could use Future as a crutch in in ways to dominate the market, but still provide professional and valuable content, people would ride the wave to financial success. My blog will hit topics on trendy investing apps, how to mix travel with investing (financial pleasure), and trends in the market that even the great Warren Buffett would have to take notice. Money is a tool, and I’m here to show you how to use it to its full capacity.
Happy Investing!
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