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Dysfunctional Teams | Montez Jones

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This weekend is the Men’s NCAA Final Four. We have the four best teams competing for the NCAA Championship. Coaches will tell you teamwork is essential to any team. Knowing each team member is a vital part of getting the job done. Teams are living organisms and I know these four best teams have had dysfunctions during the season. Have you been on a dysfunctional team? What was it like?

Think about this, teams are not dysfunctional but they do have dysfunctional events. The Los Angeles Lakers, D’Angelo Russell posted a private conversation on social media between him and Nick Young. All legal stuff aside —- this is a dysfunctional event. Yes, I know the Lakers record but this goes to show you how dysfunctional events cans stop the team’s progress. Dysfunctional events make the team stall and lose focus. These type of events happen because team members do not know each other. John Maxwell says, “The hardest person to lead is yourself.” How will do you know yourself? In teambuilding seminars I have learned that even leaders do not truly know who they are. As a teambuilder, knowing yourself helps you to know how you will act or react to a given situation. Knowing yourself is essential to having a great team. Everyone on the team has a role to play. When team members “Know their role” as the Rock says, teams run smoothly and things get accomplished. Each person on the team needs to know their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. As a leader of the team you can use this to put that person in their sweetspot. In the movie Rocky, the boxer Rocky Balboa said his wife Adrianne, “I’ve got gaps, she’s got gaps, but together we have no gaps.” Rocky knew Adrianne so will that he knew he filled in her gaps and she his. What are you doing to fill the gaps in your team? Are you giving the person the ball in their sweetspot?

As you watch the NCAA Final Four, look at these four great teams and how they fill in each other’s gaps. Gaze at how the floor leader gets the ball in his teammate’s hands in the sweetspot. As you continue to watch, view the momentum swings as they go back and forth. There will be dysfunctional events but I would offer to you that these four teams will not allow you, the viewer, to see them because they know each other.

Next time we will talk about Dysfunctional Relationships.

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