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“Purpose is the Reason you Journey. Passion is the Fire that Lights your Way.” – Unknown
When I was about 15 years old I met this guy named Jason Blackwell. I remember him being at my god father’s church off of Ledbetter and Lancaster Road. We quickly became frenemies and had a love hate relationship. Today you would think that our relationship is better since we are almost 20 years strong, but nope it’s not. He is still the same smart mouth guy I met way back when. The interesting thing about Jason is that even though he is Sarcastic (at least with me) he wears a lot of different hats photographer, chef, and Dad. So what’s HIS Story?
Jason Blackwell is a Dallas native and a graduate of South Oak Cliff High School. He attended University of North Texas and majored in Criminal Justice. My question is how does a Criminal Justice Major become a Photographer and Chef? Sounds like a pretty reasonable question right? So how did he get into Photography? Well let’s just say when a friend ask for your help and you find yourself playing with their camera that will spark something in you maybe? For Jason it was an “accident” his words. Actually he was helping out a friend of his doing graphics and the friend had a camera, and Jason asked him could he play around with it and the rest well we can’t say its history yet, but I am pretty sure he is on his way to making it history. When he started taking pictures he would post every shot that he took so that people could see his work. As he grew in his craft those pictures became less and less. Jason has pictures that everyone can relate to. Photography has allowed Jason to see more of Life. Last year he was able to go and shoot a wedding in Paris France and he was able to visit Italy as well. These are not only clients for Jason they have become his family. If you want to see more of his work you can always go to there you will find a variety of photos that you will fall in love with. You can also see pricing online if you are looking to have Jason capture you. Photography became a Passion for Blackwell, but something else kicked in while his Passion grew.

At the age of 10 Jason learned how to cook. The first thing that he prepared was French toast from scratch (I’m a little jealous because I haven’t had any of that and we are almost 20 years strong. We need to work on this friendship). His uncle J.W. Blackwell Jr. taught him how to make French toast and would tell him his most important job was the milk and eggs. He would say, “Pour the Milk slow and whip it in. Make sure you take your time and make sure that you do it right.” That saying is something that he has applied to his entire life not just for cooking. So he’s not just a photographer anymore he also is Chef J. Black. If you ask Jason what he likes cooking the most he will tell you that Italian is his favorite thing to cook. You mean to tell me that a Black Man from South Oakcliff is a gourmet Chef? Yep he sure is. If you go to you can see some of the tasty dishes that he has created.

On July 7, 2014 (this should be a national Holiday) Jason’s life changed tremendously he became a father to a handsome baby boy named Langston (Insert #LangstonsDad). Jason say’s that he learned how to be a great father by not having his father around. All the love that he wanted from his dad he gives it to his son which makes him one of the Greatest fathers that I have ever met. If you follow Jason on social media you will see pictures everyday of Langston and you may read something quirky that Jason has written. The world has made people think that there are no good Black fathers out there and that our sons will grow up to be criminals or just ball players. BUT, that is not true for Jason and Langston they are a part of the New Stereotype.

So this guy is a photographer, chef, dad, and did I mention he is an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness? Every year for Breast Cancer Awareness Jason does a photoshoot called, “I Shoot Pink” which started in 2010 in memory of his grandmother who died of Breast Cancer in 1974. He started “I Shoot Pink” to be able to give back to the community and part of the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen. Contact Jason for more details. So what’s next for Blackwell? Being in the Eye of the Public every day is what’s next. One day and one day soon he is going to be a household name.

If you haven’t figured it out Jason’s Passions are leading him right into His Purpose.
Oh and Jason will be participating in the North Texas Black Restaurant Week June 11th-19th
For more about Jason Blackwell follow him on all social media platforms:
Facebook: J. Black Productions
IG: @jblackproductions and @JBlackTheChef

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