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Today I had the honor of interviewing a person that is creating his own movement and a person I had the pleasure of serving in the United States Navy with as well.  We were both stationed at NAS Lemoore from 1997-2000 back when we were young and really didn’t know that much about life.  Fast forward to today 18th of June Ugo Arimo who used to be the Hospital Corpsman in the Navy is now his own brand “The Black Spiderman”.   Ugo Arimo is a man of many facets; Navy Veteran/NSL PRO /BJJ Black Belt World Champion/Published Model “The Black Spiderman”, he also a a strong youtube presence so much so that he is a Google partner that being said the man has solid handily created his own movement (shout out to team blackout”.   I am a fan of creating your own movement and living your dreams in passions.   With hard work and dedication Ugo has built his brand and stuck true to his passions it made me think of how my passion of music lead to being an artists, producer, publishing company, and record label owner (Secrets of Society Records with Donjay, Eddy Rome, and Chino Morabito and Stand Alone Music my own venture).  Sure when you dare to dream out the box and decide to do the damn near impossible people will not believe in your vision or even try to convince you to stay on a safer course, but if you do not follow your calling you are not living.  One takeaway I want my listeners to get out of my series is that you can do the impossible and you can create your own movement just stick to your plan and learn from your missteps.  Ugo I salute you and continue your journey things are paying off.   #salute!!!!
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