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Keaira English was born in Denver Colorado but has spent majority of her life in Dallas, Texas. She is a single mother of one, a full time student and full time employee. Motivated by her own experience of being a teen mom, Keaira loves speaking on helping women find love, peace and happiness within themselves. Her passion as a mentor is to stop the cycle and help women realize their worth. With her love for writing she is currently pursuing her degree in Journalism and she is a Co-author in the highly anticipated third volume of Shift On by Nikki Woods. Keaira is also the creator of her blog ‘’ where she blogs about life changing events around the community as well as her own life experiences. “The name of my blog ‘Guidemewrite’ comes from me constantly finding myself to ask God to guide me in the right direction” says Keaira. Keaira states that “As a single mom, you may feel the odds are against you. But with the help of God, you can raise up the next generation for Christ and live the life that God has purposed just for you.”

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