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The Undiscovered Passion. | Expressive Hope

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So, it’s a pretty common thing to hear of folks running around talking about their passions. Like,extremely normal, right? If it’s not being posted on social media platforms then it’s expressed in person, if not in person THEN you hear of it being publicized in the actual media! This is INCREDIBLY awesome!  I love seeing people truly chase after things that make them come ALIVE… passions that cause people to feel completely overwhelmed with emotions as well as COMPLETELY aware of themselves! I live for that.


I’ve learned that some people find their passions in their jobs while some find it outside their work. I think that the people who consider their job as a passion are super fortunate. I mean YOU know what they say, “Follow Your Passion and You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life”.  How bomb would it be toNEVER work again! However, I understand that not everyone has that luxury to work in their passion. It doesn’t necessarily mean they hate their job but it does leave this group of people pondering about there being “more to life than this”. “This” being their job that they like, but at the same time, have no passion for.

Now, have YOU ever stopped and met anyone who doesn’t have a strong feeling of desire towardsnot ONLY their JOB, but also not towards other things such as hobbies, skills, or really anything that makes them tick? This is a serious question, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t know what that THING is that makes their heart just thirst for more of? Being an extremely passionate person, this was a really difficult concept for me to grasp. I didn’t understand how there’s not at least one thing out there for EVERYONE to be obsessed about it. I live in obsessed-mode! Lol for example, one day I can be obsessed with a particular flavor of ice cream, next day I’m obsessed with a specific song or a certain article of clothing! Lol although these are SHORT lived passions, they still are passions. I mean CURRENTLY, I’m 100% obsessed with black chokers, acoustic versions of Ariana Grande’s music and running! And you know WHAT? Those passions don’t even include my “true” life-long passions such asnatural hair, foodie stuff and travel.

With that being said, lately I’ve been meeting people who feel like they have Undiscovered Passion.They’re not sure if there is anything out there that they would truly consider as a passion of theirs. Interesting right? SO now that I’m “in the know” of people who deal with lack of passion, I wanted to write about it. SO this post is to assist those who are TRYING to figure out what makes their heart sing, also those who feel lost since they don’t feel drawn towards anything, and even those who see everyone else around them pursuing their passions and they have no clue what theirs’ even are. I have a feeling that this group of people tend to feel purposeless. They may start to question what they were created to do, how they will accomplish making an impact on this world, they may even feel bored and experience unhappiness.


I just wanted to state a few reasons why it’s NO BIG DEAL to have undiscovered passion and how ONLY the best is yet to come:

  1. Comparison is a THIEF!
    1. Everyone’s path is differeeenntttttt, therefore, seeing super passionate people out theredoesn’t equate to there being something wrong with you. It doesn’t mean you’re retarded or are missing the memo. All it means is that others around you have found their passion(s) and that’s worth celebrating! Comparing your story to someone else’s will get you all messed up in your head and waste your time. Not finding your passion yet could mean you get the chance to go down the road of experiencing a magnitude of stuff with the hopes of finding your passion! This brings me to my next point…
  2. There’s a WORLD of Opportunity Out There!
    1. People who are unaware of their passion(s) are allowed the opportunity to make a list of hundreds of random things to do and mark them off! Think about it! It’s almost like a scavenger hunt of searching and discovering what sets your soul on fire! You just gain hundreds of experiences along the journey! I mean if you ask me, I think it sounds like a ton of fun!! I hope this make sense, but what I’m ultimately trying to say is continue to live life, and just be open to brand new opportunities and activities that you’ve never done before. Never know what could happen ;).
  3. There’s NO Timeline!
    1. We have an entire lifetime to figure out what our passions and purposes are. Just because you haven’t experienced it now, doesn’t mean you NEVER will. Sometimes we can grow impatient if we’re not experiencing something we want to experience or if we’re losing faith that we just have no purpose or passion(s). Ultimately, if you’re still alive, then that means you still have purpose and YOUR purpose will align with YOUR passions.
  4. Developing Passion!
    1. There are times where someone does a certain ACTIVITY or HOBBY for years until they realize it’s their passion! Take me for example, with my dad working in the travel industry, I’ve ALWAYS been exposed to traveling and different destinations throughout my entire life. It wasn’t until a few years ago where I realized it was a PASSION instead of just something I enjoyed and did often. It wasn’t until recently that my soul started craving the beauty of travel. My love for travel basically transitioned from going to different parts of the world to just shop or go to the beach to the DESIRE of being engulfed in a country’s culture and traditions. One day it just CLICKED that it was MYthing. So who knows, you could wake up tomorrow and realize that the “thing” you do is actually more than just a “thing” but instead a PASSION.


Anyway, I just wanted to communicate a topic that isn’t really thought about, or posted on social media or publicized in the media– the topic around the struggle of having nothing that gives you goosebumps, or makes you feel like your life is a dream come true– through having passions. Seriously, when’s the last time you saw on your Instagram feed someone say, “Hey guys, I don’t know what my passions are and I wish I did”? Probably not recently or very often. I imagine that this isn’t a comfortable spot to be in in life. So why not address it? I just want to end this post and say DON’T WORRYpassions WILL come. Not only will they come but they may also CHANGE over time. God has entrusted each of us with a purpose while here on earth and He will reveal them to us in due time. He won’t give everyone on earth a passion EXCEPT for you- he’s NOT harsh like that! One day it’ll just happen and all of this worry will be for NADA. Relax and enjoy the journey, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

-xoxo Jess 

PS. Just a few final things!

  • What tips do you give to people that feel as if they have undiscovered passions? Have you ever experienced this feeling before? Leave a comment below! I want to know!
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