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I had heard about the V-Steam or as some refer the sitz lists it as the V-Steam Herb (Wormwood Steam Sitz) A natural, centuries-old Korean treatment for women. Link here so you can read all about the benefits of this treatment. I just want to tell you briefly about my experience having the V-Steam for the 1st time. Ofcourse Kingspa staff will not let you record. You sit on 1 of those hospital toilets, underneath the opening of the bowl is basically a very hot crock pot filled with herbs of wormwood, Mugwort, Rutin and Dandelion which treats infections and inflammation, plus a few other herbs I never heard of. I’m all for having new experiences especially if they might benefit my health & wellness.  I’ve done a blog post on kingspa in the past link here so I’m not going to bother to tell you how delicious the food  is, how relaxing & tranquil the spa is etc, etc. I have heard the kingspa in New Jersey is not up to snuff.  But I will say the Dallas is clean, safe, kid friendly, secure, staff is pleasant and is a wonderful, uplifting experience. I was able to get my mom to come and she was impressed with the cleanliness and food. She also shared a story with me. My mom told me my grandmother worked in NYC Aldelphi hospital as a X-ray tech when they 1st moved to NYC many moons ago and many celebrities would cone to that hospital for procedures such as sitz baths which I had and colonics. These celebrities you guys admire for their flawless complexions, flat stomachs and fabulous bodies work really hard taking care of their instrument which understandably they should. It’s not all genetics!King spa treatment

Anywho you sit on this bowl naked, they give you a large mumu style garment to put over your head. They surround the back of your chair, arms, body  with the mumu and you sit on this bowl for approximately 40 minutes. They also suggest putting the mumu over your face for the steam which some of us did. I really liked doing that the herbs smelled so good to me, I love that woody, nutty smell. It smells just like a tea store and I was thinking the whole time I was doing this I have to start making my loose tea brew again. You are given a church fan to use under the much to fan  your crotch if it gets too hot. It took many adjustments to get my temperature bearable. It was burning the inside of my legs and butt I was squirming like a nut. At one point I jumped up. Korean treatmentThere were 5 of us ladies  doing the treatment at the same time. Some were fanning some were ok with the heat. One lady said she gets it for her menstrual cramps. After 40 minutes the ladies got up and went on their spa business but the staff insisted I stay another 15 minutes since she couldn’t get my temperature right. She said I should be able to sit there comfortably without fanning. She said everyone is different. I said to her that I noticed the petite Korean lady never fanned she actually was sitting on the bowl with her legs raised.  The staff lady said “And her water was boiling” I was speechless. She said if you can have it done twice a month the more you do it the more benefits I will get. She told us 1 client comes because it helps with her eczema.  She said when the woman 1st started taking sitz baths she had prominent sores but they were now clearing up. To make a long story short, I suggest it and I will absolutely get it done again and again. Oh yeah it was only $25.

No recording allowed, quick pic to give you an idea.

V-steam sits bath for women

Sooo hot look at me sweat

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