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Discovering Your Best Summer Body | Vodka Makes you Happy

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My whole workout regime started with the constant reminder that summer is coming….and now it’s here! Nothing has changed. If anything I’ve been more motivated than ever to step up my workout game and put in work. Over the last few months, I’ve seen dramatic changes in my body, stamina, and motivation as I’ve made great strides in being the best (and healthiest) version of myself. With 30 looming around the corner, one of my big goals is to stop slacking on my fitness. There was a few years that I just stopped caring and it didn’t help when my dad passed away. Grief has a peculiar way of just erasing any kind of remorse for sitting around eating an entire large pizza on your own.

With motivating friends, a great gym atmosphere, and throwing out the numbers on the scale – I’m slowly reaching goals that I never thought I would ever achieve. I figured I would share a few of the tips I’ve been following to discover the summer body I never thought I would have again.

Let me start this out with in no way am I an expert and you should always consult with your doctor on your comfort level of working out.

1 Salad | 2 Smoothies | 3 Infused Waters *Kaia Tip

My amazing Kaia Fit North Dallas Coach gave the ladies at our gym this easy health tip and it’s been a staple during my weekly regime. It’s a simple 1, 2, 3 method. Each week, I’ve been incorporating these three essentials in multiple days to help fight those fast food carvings. It’s so easy on Sundays to prep for various salads, smoothies, and infused waters during the week.

Workout on your off days

Set a schedule for your regular workouts, but make sure you aren’t too relaxed on your days off. Take the time to get on a bike or walk around the neighborhood. It doesn’t have to be much, but keep your body active. Not much of an outdoors person, try some yoga or short 10 minute home workout. Stay active and focused, but remember to rest! My workout schedule consist of 4 days at Kaia, a yoga day on Friday, and at least 1-2 bike rides a week. Do what makes you comfortable!

Decrease your coffee & alcohol intake

This one was extremely tough for me as I literally can live off of coffee and vodka. I knew that if I wanted to see results, I would drastically need to decrease my intake of both of these. For alcohol intake, you can take the easy route and set limits for each week. If you are feeling daring, you can go cold turkey and quit alcohol for 6-8 weeks (shout out to my girl Vicky for doing that). As for coffee, work your way down from your max to a minimum that’s comfortable for you. For example, I was enjoying coffee 5-6 times a week. Not only was it bad for me, but the expenses were definitely adding up. I’ve finally gotten it down to 2, no more than 3 servings of coffee each week. I’m no longer depending on the coffee to get me through each and every day, my water intake has increased, and my energy level has skyrocketed without the dependence of the coffee. Be cognizant of these decreases and how they make you feel in the long run.

Vitamins are essential

Vitamins are crucial for providing nutrients that perform a number of different roles in our bodies. They provide energy, boost your immune system, and are so important for our daily functions. Consult with your doctor on what vitamins would be best for you at your annual doctor’s appointment. It took convincing from my PCP that it was time for me to graduate from the adult gummy vitamins to better suit the needs of my body. Vitamins have been a daily staple to increase my bone, skin, and immune health along with my physical energy. Invest in protecting your body!

Follow up on your summer goals

It took so much convincing for me to finally take before pictures to document the progress that I’ve made since working on my summer body. Shout out to Vicky for the motivation and encouragement to just go for it, because it was the smartest decision I’ve made on this entire journey. Being able to look back at my body and the changes I’ve made is mind blowing and encouraging. Take the time to snap these photos to follow up on the work that you’ve put in to working hard on your summer body. These pictures will be your motivation and reminder that the changes you are making in your life may not be easy, but are definitely worth it.

What are you summer tricks and tips on staying in shape?

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