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Black in America | Vodka Makes You Happy

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Yesterday Americans all over woke up and proceeded to get ready for work like it was just another day. Nobody suspected that it would be a day that would once again show them that in America, any person of color (especially black people) are not truly valued. It wasn’t until you started browsing your news outlets of choices that the day drastically changed.



A black man, Alton Sterling.

On the ground.

Two officers on top of him.

Faced with only two choices, watch the video or shy away; many took the scary plunge, without really preparing themselves for what they were about to face. The headlines were now matched with the seared the images in your brain of a man being murdered. If you were lucky, you would’ve stopped there. Curiosity got the best of us. Like many, you took the plunge even further to read the comments under the videos and headlines.

The pain and shock starts to boil into anger at the the justification of the police officers, that the man pulled a gun and deserved to be shot, and that if it was a WHITE MAN THE SAME THING WOULD’VE HAPPENED. You try to wrap your head around the ignorance of it all. Your heartbeat speeds up as you realize that, you are slowly becoming numb to this scenario playing out. The shootings are slowly becoming a new normal.

The press conferences start rolling out and you are faced with family. The cracked voice of a wife discussing the reality that she has to keep reliving the moment that the love of her life was taken from her. A teenager breaking down facing the truth that his father will not be coming home ever. The pain and heartbreak grows as you hear the choking sobs and pleas for a kid wanting his daddy.

That’s when you realize that you’ve gone too far.

With each cry for help from another black family mourning the loss of their love one on CNN, we are faced with the reality that Americans today continue to believe the we are living in a postracial, color-blind society. That the cry for #blacklivesmatter should really be a cry for #alllivesmatter. Racism is very much alive and well, it’s just become more methodical, sophisticated, and insidious. When will enough be enough? How much louder do the voices of black people need to be? When will the world recognize that systemic injustices are real? How many more families have to suffer another loss? Will it ever be safe for a black person in America?

Upon writing this last evening, another black man was killed by police officers in Twin Cities.

Take that for what its worth.

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