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#BLACK LIVES MATTER | Videllia Davis

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Here’s a quick post on how I feel about the latest events in our great country…

America-land of the free, home of the brave. We’re the country so many others want to flock to but for what?! I can’t even sleep peacefully anymore because I fear that someone I know, family or friend, will be the next “hashtag”. Whenever my mom calls me, I hold my breath, and often start any conversation that sounds like it’s going to be bad with “Mom, before you start, is everyone up there still alive?”  Literally, yesterday, my mom called me and was like are you sitting down? I felt my heart race as I gathered enough strength to ask her if my brothers, cousins and other family members were safe.  (Fortunately, it was just some bad news but was not bad news that related to death of any of my family.)

The fact that even my own mom calling me has me living in fear is such a sad life to live. Yes, I stay prayed up and pray for my brothers and cousins constantly but that doesn’t take away those feelings. In all of my 28 years of existence, these last few have taught me more about racism in America than I could ever read in a textbook. I’m so thankful for my ancestors fighting for our civil rights and liberties but who knew that we would still have to fight to continue to have them?

When this first started happening years ago, I must admit, I was desensitized.  It didn’t affect me personally so I felt sad for the moment and once the moment was over, I continued forward with my life. I mean, surely it was going to stop right?   There was no way justice wouldn’t prevail.  Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and the little black girl who was beat up by police right here in my home state of Texas – surely there was no way these cops would not be found guilty?  And now we add to the list Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile.  And these are just the incidents that I can recall – by far not the number of innocent lives that have been taken far too soon.  I know I say “innocent” and some people will bring up these individuals pasts or try to make them out to be these vicious human beings with a background that justifies the actions of these cowardly cops; however, if you are compliant with what a cop asks you to do, are unarmed, and are not dangerous, you are definitely INNOCENT.

With each new death of an innocent black person, I find that I’m outraged and saddened…gone is the desensitization that I once had. That is why I had to write this post. I don’t usually speak out about things like this, but this “ish” is out of control!! I sign petitions and support peaceful protests but something’s gotta give.  I’d love to live in the America my ancestors fought so hard for. The TRUE America. The America that so many other people from all over the world flock to live and prosper.  The America that is truly the land of the free.  The America that will finally recognize the equality of ALL human beings.  Hell, the America that will recognize that black people ARE indeed human beings.  And we deserve the same respect, justice and civil liberties granted to all of those around us.

Black Lives Matter. Why?  Because ALL LIVES (should) MATTER.

Point. Blank. Period.

My prayers to the families and friends of those once again victimized by police brutality. Justice needs to prevail…is it sad that I fear that it wont?

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