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Howdy “You People”, Colbz, one half of YPR, here to give you the low-down on one of my favorite homes away from home. The immaculate Hotel ZaZa. Located in the heart of Uptown this is one of the premiere boutique hotels in Dallas.

This hotel has everything you need and more. This is not your everyday hotel. I have stayed at the ZaZa a number of times and it has been for special occasions each stay. I have hosted Birthday parties, graduation parties ect. ZaZa sets itself apart from the rest with it’s creative rooms and extensive amenities. Each room at ZaZa posses a different theme which is is expressed through it’s layout and decor. For instance my favorite room is the “Photo Loft”, which is a loft style room that created the ambiance of being on the set of a photo shoot. The ZaZa loft style and and bungalow rooms are perfect for having gatherings. These room are spacious and set apart from the main portion of the Hotel so you have no neighbors in these rooms, and no neighbors means no noise complaints. The amenities in these rooms are crazy, they come equipped with complimentary wi-fi connection, multiple flat screen TVs, an iPad that controls the room’s surround sound, lavish furniture, and much more.

When you do get a chance to check out ZaZa, when you book your room be sure to inquire about the “Stay & Play” Deal. This deal gives you a discount on the room and also allows you a free spa treatment at the hotel as well as food and drink coupons redeemable at the DragonFly, which is ZaZa’s upscale lounge. By the way, Dragonfly has amazingly delicious food, great drinks, and is an exceptional venue to both dine and party. During the Hot Texas Summers don’t forget to take a dip in the pool, which also has it’s own bar and is the ultimate oasis.

The bottom line is ZaZa is more than a hotel, it is an experience. Whether it be a romantic get-a-way, a low-key gathering, or a weekend full of fun the ZaZa Hotel has got “You People” covered.

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