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ZEG Designs is a black owned business by Casandra Gibson.She sells custom accessories that makes a statement for men and women , all ages with many colors to choose from. They are based in Dallas,TX and are soon to be leading the fashion world which would be an amazing opportunity to have. I have not had the pleasure to own a piece of their exquisite jewelry, however I can not wait to get my hands on one of these amazing pieces.I`d like to say these beautiful pieces poses the 3 B’s beauty, bulk, and bling which is something that they strongly display in their work.zeg designs


The reason I say Zeg Designs shows Beauty is because if you look at their work you can see how they take their time and effort into the designs almost like it was custom made just for you. Another reason why they show beauty is because they give you multiple options and colors to choose from. A reason I say they show Bulk is because I feel it has just the right amount of bulk to be fun and classy at the same time. The reason I say they have Bling is because its just the right amount of shine it shows how all of their pieces look like art work on your wrist other than just another bracelet which is a reason of how differently its made to look. So you should go get you one of theses amazing pieces ASAP!

zeg designs

Go check them out!
Phone#:  972.896.0117 /Customer Service 214.641.2507

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