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Southside With You…Loved it!

This is the film that introduces you to the first date between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. It was funny, entertaining and inspirational! I enjoyed it. I liked the interaction and admired the persistence by the President to go after what he wanted. As we know, it worked out very well for them.

The day began with an invite by young Barack asking Michelle to attend a community organizing event with him. She didn’t know it was a date and she didn’t want it to be a date. They worked at the same law firm and the appearance of them dating would not look good to the company and it was against company policy. She stressed this the whole day. He obliged her and allowed her to call it a date when she felt comfortable.

She had no intentions of “dating” him, so he was steadily trying to convince her otherwise during the whole movie. The only problem I had with the movie was that it all took place during one day! I wanted more! I wanted to see more.

They attended an art show together, he introduced her to new things and he learned things about her. This only made him fall for her more. You could tell by the why he looked at her that he had great intentions towards her.

They had lunch in the park, which she paid him back for because once again this wasn’t a date. LOL. They walked and talked and learned a lot about each other personally and professionally. They went to a bar and had drinks and more conversation and more non-dating. They saw Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and had ice cream.  It was a FULL non-date day.  By  the end of the night she relaxed and realized she enjoyed the date.

The actors and actresses selected for the movie were perfect. I loved Parker Sawyers as President Obama. He portrayed him very well. Tika Sumpter played the role of Michelle Obama, as well as, Producer and she did a fantastic job.

I’m also going to need the soundtrack to this movie because it was on point!



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