Incomparable, epic and driven are just a few titles to describe the movement of DJ Phife, with a prolific ear for music and a passion for entertainment. DJ Phife is a versatile DJ moving crowds with a flick of a wrist. DJ Phife has captivated audience’s worldwide, bringing music to the masses and rocking world renowned venues. He has worked alongside today’s most influential lifestyle, music fashion brands and lent his services alongside Kevin Hart, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Timbaland and a countless list of NFL/NBA athletes. He has also worked with national private and public corporate events such as State Farm Insurance, Vh1, MTV, SXSW, Ciroc Vodka, Grey Goose Vodka, Robust Energy Drink – to name a few. Old School Hip Hop, Reggae, Classic Rock, Pop, R&B and Disco DJ Phife has tastefully diversified mixes to build his brand and remain driven. He is the Life of the Party… enjoy the #LifeofthePartyLife


Nelson Mandela Day

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