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Today I am sitting on a bunch of opportunities that it is scary.   My passions for aviation, music now the visual arts all have created opportunities and opened doors.  I am a firm believer in going after your dreams.  I was thinking back when I decided I wanted to do my own music and for the most part people laughed and discouraged my dream. I’ve always been a talented writer but for me to learn music theory and do it on my own was outlandish.  After being signed to a label that caught the attention of Jive Records and for it to later fall apart was something at the time my 19 year old ego had to deal with and it motivated me to start my own movement.   I eventually met some like minded spirits and we started a label called “Secrets Of Society Records”,  like me my counterparts dreamed big and were in the Navy stationed on a boat.   When all was said and done we created a movement, we landed a distribution deal in the UK (which I managed to secure while being out to sea lol), and performed shows in places all over southern California, Cabo San Lucas, New Mexico. We managed  all while serving onboard the USS Bonhomme-Richard (LHD-6).  Had I given up on my dream I wouldn’t have experienced going on tours, living in New England signing with Silver Tongue-Entertainment under my big sis Jeannette Elgner and meeting life long friends and fans. I would have never connected my brother from another mother Gary Devon Dotson CEO of NVE Records who has opened doors of having my music licensed to networks such as TLC, A&E, MTV, and Fuse Network and providing songwriting opportunities with established artists.  Had I let people discourage me I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Over a month ago my cousin noticed I was learning photography and asked me to do some shoots for his portfolio.   Little did I know my cousin was motivated like me, something I am very appreciative of.   Upon gearing up for our photography shoot I learned he wanted to be a fitness model and was working on getting his “Stand Out Fitness” company off the ground that let me know that he was serious about his business and I ensured him I would do my best to make sure he looked outstanding in his shots.  I was glad he trusted my limited photography skills and I didn’t know what was going to come out of our first session. The results were amazing and I discovered this guy is three times as motivated as I am. The day after our shoot my instagram starts blowing up left and right and I am getting all types of likes on my pictures and I get contacted by a photographer who wanted to mentor me and saw potential in my pictures.

My cousin and I ended up doing a second session this time with better camera’s and with more research under our belt.  A few days after our shoot I get a call from my cousin who is upset because he receives  negative feedback and criticism for going after his dream.  I had to let him know that taking the road less traveled is going to be met by resistance and not everyone is going to understand his vision and to keep moving forward.  I am happy to say he now has an agency interested in representing him  and photography business is starting to thrive as well.

An important take away from my story is to nurture your dream and resistance will be met.   We get comfortable in our situations and when you dare to dream an impossible dream there will be doubt and doubters.  Stay true to your passion (with work of course) and move forward.  Had I not followed my passions I would not be where I am now.  Had my cousin decided to let the criticism discourage him and give up, his vision of being a fitness model would not be thriving.

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