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5 First Dates No Pressure | Heather Raquel

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If you are anything like me (single) you will know the importance of the first date. We understand that a good first date leads to more dates right? Well Guys and Gals here are a list of some cool spots in Dallas that would be cool for a first date without breaking those pockets and no PRESSURE. (Oh and ladies throw that idea of the guy paying for the first date out of the window. Sometimes you can pay for it too!)
If you are new to Dallas or have been here forever here are a few places that you may have never heard of or just been to:
1. Deep Ellum – this area is full of clubs, lounges, restaurants, shops, and bars. You have Deep Ellum Brewery, ladies I know that we all might not drink beer, but this cool laid back place is good for a first date because they have different flavors of beer that you can try. Think about it, it’s just a first date and he or she may enjoy it. Then stop by Serious Pizza, okay hands down this is my favorite spot in Deep Ellum. Well I may have lied a little. It is one of my favorites that you can go to and get a GANORMOUS pizza for like 5 bucks and some change. Try it it’s really good.

2. Trinity Groves is like a hidden secret maybe you don’t want to eat and you just want to sit and laugh while watching others eat. (WEIRD, but I get it) The Cake Bar at Trinity Grove so good. – we all know that Texas can get pretty hot. So if you’re sitting outside and you get tired of just looking at people go to The Cake Bar and cool off with a piece Key Lime Pie Cake, ice cream, or a cookie. (Please make sure that you get straight in your car and go home afterwards. Diary in your stomach while it’s hot out = bad really bad)

3. Bishops Arts District – just like Deep Ellum this area of town is full of life. From bakery’s, restaurants, bars, lounges, and shops you would enjoy a first date out there. PIER 247 is one of my favorites in the Bishops Arts District. I think it’s the OPEN Atmosphere that I like the most. If really don’t want it to be NO PRESSURE go to Kessler Baking Studio and the only pressure you will have is if you are going to go and workout the next day. I promise NO PRESSURE!!

4. Klyde Warren Park – there are so many things to be said about this Park that sits on top of Woodall Rogers freeway, but I will save it and just say this: I should have made it #1 because there is always something going on at Kylde Warren Park. Rather it is “Poetry under the Stars” or people just sitting on the lawn enjoying something delectable off of one of the many food trucks out there. This is a wonderful place for a first date no pressure, you don’t have to dress up, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. (Whoever plans the date just have a simple picnic. Call me I will give you some ideas.)

5. Last on my list in Roots on Tap – this place is known for its smoothies, blended drinks, nut milks, coffees and teas. It’s not far from Deep Ellum and it sits right across the street from the Fair Park. It’s almost Fair time so you can stop by Roots on Tap and get you something good to drink.

Speaking of the Fair for all you Fall lovers or if you are anything like me this is one of things that we look forward to in Dallas is the State Fair of Texas. Man, there is nothing like fried everything lol! So these are just a couple of places that I have had a chance frequent here in Dallas. You might not want to go on a date to them. You may just want to hang out with some friends and these are good spots for that as well, but again if you are wanting to go out on a date don’t hesitate to stop by one of these awesome places. If there are some places that you would like for me to visit and try a date at let me know follow me on social media Heather Raquel I’m easy to find or shoot me an email Thanks for reading!!

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