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Sunday night September 25th I got a chance to experience Center Stage 2016 Battle of the Voices. This was the second year that this took place and personally I don’t know how they are going to top this one next year. Center Stage is not just your ordinary singing competition this event merged music and fashion together. I guess that is what you get when you put a musician and a fashion stylist together to come up with an Epic event. The judges who were Kay J Midday from 105.7, David Mann Jr., and (Grammy Award Winner) Madukwu Chinwah. Marshall Music LLC and Be Styled Be Hurd knew what they were doing when they picked the judges. Sunday night the contests had to not only be able to sway the judges with their melodious voices, but also with how they were dressed. They had to have to total package. Now at first I was little nervous about how the singers were going to perform, but once they got out there and got passed their nervousness they really put on a show for the audience. During the first round the singers came out and showed us who they really were. Some of them sang like they were on the Voice while others really didn’t seem to give their all, and we saw that during eliminations after the first round. During the second round the singers came out and sang as their lives depended on it. One singer in particular caught the ear of everyone and that was John Cross. When he sang he hit those notes and his rolls were very accurate. He sang with skill and precision and during every round he gave it his all. During the third round the singers came out and performed and left their hearts on the stage, but there could only be one winner. While we waited on the judges to deliberate we got a chance to be entertained by Dallas’s own rapper King Cyfa Fix. Sunday night he gave us some old school Hip Hop and had us all moving our feet and hips. From Get it Ready to Sunshine Anderson we were on our feet jamming with him. There were also plenty of vendors to shop with while we waited as well. Oh and how could I forget about the food. Let me park right here for a minute. If you have never been to Brickhouse Lounge Desoto, then you are missing a treat. They have a full bar and full menu and if you are anything like me a person who likes to eat then you will enjoy this place. Plus, you get a chance to hear live music and the band that played on Sunday Vibe the Band they also play there as well. Anyway back to the food I ordered the Fried Catfish with Mac and Cheese and Greens. You guys I don’t think I could hear the singing to good because of the way that I was eating my food. It was really finger licking good even though I did not lick my fingers. (My MAC lipstick was not having So make you stop by there on any given night you will really be in for a treat. Sorry, I had to talk about the food for a moment. Back to the show. So after the judges deliberated the we found out who the winner was and it was John Cross. Honestly he sang “You’re my Star” by Tank and had everybody screaming and out of their seats. He really deserved the win for Center Stage 2016. Over all Nikki Hurd and Mike Marshall put on one of the best events that I’ve gone to in 2016. The venue, music, people, food, and atmosphere was done in excellence. I am really wondering how they are going to outdo this year next year.  Stay tuned for what’s next…..

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