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This post is dedicated to the colloquial use of “The Game”.  In the midst of being courted by an experience that was innocent yet refreshing, and sweet; I find myself in a state of befuddlement.  Like seriously, how did I end up in this trick bag?

It’s amazing how when your “minding your own business” game is at its all time high, opportunity (and by opportunity I mean bull shit) hunts you down like a super tactical missile; and explodes in your face thereby throwing you off your game.T get your feelings hurt, is to not have clarity. What’s a girl to do??

The answer is this.  First and Foremost, when someone tells you who they are, believe them! Then make the necessary adjustments for you.  This statement is abstract, meaning there’s no absolute rule.  You can chose to stay and entertain yourself or that situation.  However, be well aware of what you’re working with.

Second, players Queens mess up sometimes.  What that means is that we’ll never truly experience living life if we refuse to take responsible chances, so go for it.  Regardless of the outcome extract your life lessons and keep it pushing.  I’m guilty of replying scenarios and wondering what if in a manner that beats myself up.  Tonight I’ve decided to simply stop it.  I will no longer be the instrument that inflicts anguish upon myself.

Third and Lastly, use what you extract- the good and the bad, then add them to your “next time” play book.

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