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The Age of the Woman: Shooting Your Shot | Alexia Platenburg

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1. Fear of Rejection. Despite how confident I like to think I am, there would have been nothing more Earth shattering then approaching a male, with a clear interest and purpose only to be denied. I was not for that. Not today. Not me Satan. 

2. Appearing too CONFIDENT a.k.a INTIMIDATING! A stigma I deal with on a daily basis. I went back and forth in my head about approaching him for the fear that I might be perceived as “coming on too strong”, “too confident”, “emasculating”, and a host of other effects that appear on the dating scene today when you are a woman who goes for what she wants. 

3. He was ALREADY TAKEN. I spent forty-five minutes telling myself this man already had a love interest in his life. He is too good looking to be single. He has to be in a relationship. Do you see a ring? Now I love a good looking chocolate man as much as the next woman, but I would never push up on another woman’s man. 

But luckily I was with a friend who is way more practical, encouraging, and anti-dramatic to coax me down. Now he is a male so those traits came in handy when I realized the “very attractive, tall man at the bar” potentially didn’t approach me because I was already with another male.

Yes. I said it. “He definitely would have approached me had I not been with another male.”

Or at least I would like to think so.

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