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The Rouge Issue…

Editors Note: The  Rouge Issue is special to me because I was weird and didn’t know it, lol. When I hear stories about myself as a child and from high school, I’ve drawn the conclusion that I was very strange and way before my time. It literally took my whole life for me to discover this and embrace it. Now that I can see the good in myself, it’s easy for me to celebrate the good in other people. I love uncommon people who are free. It’s not easy being different and I’ve found that unique people are usually the strongest, because they deal with adversity. They also deal with people being critical of them. From personal experience, being misunderstood is no fun and for many of us, you stay on the defense. I’m glad now that I’m freer rather than being bound by own desires to be understood. It’s my hope for all people who have extraordinary talents, unique abilities or even a different look to find their place in life like I have. I appreciate every reader and I appreciate the women in this issue who’ve shared their “weird” with me in our ROUGE Issue photoshoot. We borrowed the Southside Lamar Rooftop in Dallas, TX for an evening of authenticity. If we can make a small dent in a world where everyone is the same – then our job is done! As you flip through the pages of this issue, we encourage you to be unique, different and celebrate the uncommon things about you!
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