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I don’t know about you but technology is really taking over my marriage!

My husband is literally obsessed with checking sneaker blogs, sports blogs, news blogs, music blogs, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, Youtube videos, gossip news, and all his group chats!

Sometimes I just want to slap it out of his hand or throw it out the window, it makes me so mad!


What makes it even worse is that he can’t multi-task with it. It’s like I’m not even there! He’s always laughing and giggling at his phone. Meanwhile, I’m over here like, “Who got you laughing and smiling that’s not me?!” It’s always his “BOYS” …and I’m like well maybe you should sleep with them every night. No? Didn’t think so!


Since Day 1 I’ve expressed to him that my love language is Quality Time at his full attention, not shared with a screen and outside conversations with “your boys!”

Oh gosh as I type this I realize that FOOTBALL SEASON is coming up and I really may as well find a new hobby because he will be full speed with the group chats and checked out from me until it’s over. It never stops!

I didn’t sign up for this crap!

Ironically, aside from feeling that Millennial Wives needed a platform to share the realities of marriage; I created this blog because I needed a distraction from being ignored by my husband. I’m not in any group chats, no one calls me, no one really texts me, so I’m AVAILABLE! Oh but don’t let his phone be dry and I’m working on my brand and blog. This man acts like how I should be acting the rest of the 364 days of the year when he’s on his phone.

See I’m at least considerate with being on my computer or phone. I work around my quality time with him or now when he’s on his phone I just hop on my computer and we both get lost in our choice of technology while the tv is playing some show we both are giving 30% of our attention to. That’s Fair, right? It sounds TERRIBLE!

So in hopes of saving my marriage, I decided that we have No Technology Nights twice a week at least (when it was bad we did twice but now it’s once a week). No Technology Nights consist of putting our phones in the other room, turning off the tv, no computers, and just having an actual conversation where we listen to each other. Sometimes we play games, sip some wine, cook something new together, read the bible, or ask each other questions so we can learn more about each other without the distractions.

During these No Technology Nights, I’ve learned what my husband actually does at work because at one point I barely knew his title, I’ve learned how my husband would like to communicate, and best of all it forces us to get out of habit. It’s so easy to “coexist” and get in a routine but that’s not LIVING and ENJOYING your marriage.

We work 8-10 hours a day (that’s a big chunk of our day), and to go home only to sit on the couch and be on your phone the whole time is JUST RUDE! Put the phone down! lol

It’s not that I don’t want my husband to communicate with anybody but me, but if I haven’t seen you ALL DAY and I have to sleep with you at night, but you’re giving all your fun time to your friends, family, and social media the remaining 4 hours of the day, that’s not cool.

If you’re giving all your attention to your phone and not your marriage 7 days a week, I don’t need you, what are you good for?


Who’s with me?! lol Anybody else has this problem or you are the problem?

Hopefully this a wake-up call for you!

I’m saving my marriage with The No Technology Nights, one night at a time

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