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One of the top 5 things that really upsets me to see, is people always WAITing. It seems like folks are always holding back for something to happen before making the next move. For example: waiting for an event, a boo, an achievement or a certain timeframe to do life BIG. I definitely understand waiting to do certain things because it makes the most logical sense- such as, waiting to get a raise before purchasing a new car or something else like that. Obviously, you want to make responsible decisions, ha! But the type of thing that doesn’t make sense to me is when waiting has no correlation to the next step- let me explain!  


Sometimes I think people use the waiting game as an excuse for being scared to make a move. I’ve heard people mention that once they get a man/woman, THEN they’ll go back to school and get their graduate degree. Um…? AM I the only one who sees no correlation between the two? Also, does it not reveal the obvious discontentment that is present in a person’s life if they’re always “waiting” for the next season? That’s no way to live. There is way too much opportunity, experience, money (or whatever else) out there to be waiting for anything or anyone. Life is ridiculously short AND it passes very quickly.


Prior to meeting my now husband, I traveled to South Africa with a traveling group and to Seattle and Portugal on my own. You see, I LOVE traveling SO incredibly much and I can’t imagine my life without it. I knew that I couldn’t wait around for a mate or some type of milestone before deciding to travel. Life/time literally doesn’t wait for anyone. You can’t wait for anybody or anyone to do and achieve anything that your soul desires. The part that baffles me most is, how do we know that that “thing” we’re waiting on before enjoying life is guaranteed to happen ever, in the first place? Like, it wasn’t guaranteed that I would meet someone and get married one day (although I’m so glad God saw fit), before traveling. So why wait for something that’s not guaranteed before deciding to LIVE? People may wait around forever and never experience life, in that case. 


I think owning where we are in life is KEY. We gotta stop looking ahead and appreciate the beauty of the current- trust me, there IS beauty somewhere. Being content in our season will make life way more enjoyable and exciting. So whatever that thing is- whether it’s moving across the world, going back to school, traveling, starting a business, picking up a new hobby, buying a house OR whatever it may be- just do it! It’ll be totally worth it and rewarding. 

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.
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