Hey, I’m Dominique!


I provide self-discovery mentoring to help women create more fulfilling lives by discovering their purpose, owning their story, and using it as inspiration to express their unique gifts into the world.


My approach to personal development is holistic, drawing upon the wisdom from my own journey of transformation, and over 20 years of experience as a healer. My educational background began in health sciences (Florida International University), and herbal sciences (Bastyr University). As an experienced youth mentor, I’ve facilitated over 30 workshops teaching life skills and self-empowerment to youth for nonprofit organizations such as Strong Women, Strong Girls, Inc. and Miami Music Ministries. I’m a Naturopathic Reiki Master Teacher certified by Dr. Akua Gray, ND—founder of A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute. I’m also the Vice President of Public Relations for Speak-Up Frisco Toastmasters Club.


I created Everything She Touches to teach women how to cultivate self-love through a holistic self-care. What started in 2014 as a handmade collection of self-care products accompanied by a blog—has now blossomed into a personal development company.


I am committed to helping women experience wholeness, empowerment, and freedom in all areas of life. My mission is to inspire, educate, and empower women to love themselves fiercely and own their story, and use their unique gifts to create the amazing lives they were meant to live.


I look forward to supporting you on your inward journey. No matter what happens, my motto stays the same:

“You get to choose how you show up in life. Love yourself fiercely, own your story, and say YES to your calling!”




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