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Hello, I am Ricky Adams an Aspiring Journalist, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Music Critic all in one. I am a character if you would say (LOL) I’m somewhat of a Narcissist, but that’s only because I love and believe in myself and who I am. Music is my first love,  Fashion is Something You Feel, Dance is my favorite competition, Writing is my best secret, Advice is something I’m good at, and Love is Something I’ve never felt from another human being (re-phrase) I’ve never felt the feeling of being in-love or to love someone in a passionate way from another human being. I am a 21-year-old Aries Living in a Planet called Ricky, giving this blog world a shot. Join me if you would on my Adventure. A millennial with the wisdom of Generation X, Welcome to the blog of a guy who is categorized as Ricky as he says, Fresh face to the blogging Industry.

There are no apologies needed for being in control of your own destiny; Can you make a million dollars or a million excuses. Pout, or sprout, don’t let fear be the ruler of your life.(Encouragement that helps me through life)

-Access now granted to Planet Ricky

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