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Lyrica Anderson- This particular album will open the eyes, ears to a lot of people about Lyrica not only as a dope writer-singer but as an Artist, she really showed what she can do with this album and it speaks volume, from the features she has which by the way isn’t many, no radio play still gets recognition on an album well-done Lyrica is my talk about album this week because I know who she due to her writing credits and Love and HipHop Hollywood appearances and when I saw this album I played it and saw she had other EPs I never knew of and I checked it out and she’s really dope like no lie she really is a great artist and needs to be heard and with Adia she will be definitely be heard congrats Ms. Lyrica on your first full LP. MUCH LOVE

Keyshia Cole- 11:11 Reset I chose this album for various reasons because as a day fan of KC and the way it is her first album we as her fans have been waiting on Keyshia to give us something to play from beginning to end, and this album does just that; what she is saying is that she is tired and refuses to continue to care about a guy who is incapable of loving her and that she should have moved on long ago, although there are no regrets on the relationship its best we move on, this is her breakthrough album her story which every album we get she tells her story so vividly with soul and emotion so we can imagine her pain and where she’s coming from Keyshia did her thing with this one it was to hit the reset button and we’re to here to hear it.

Lyrica and Keyshia two R&B albums we needed and we have them congrats to both for two great albums for the long-awaited fans and the new ones hope there’s a duo tour (lol) just pulling teeth but thanks from me and the fans. MUCH LOVE


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