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Where do I start?  What do I share?  Who’s going to even care?  These are just a few of the dozens of questions I asked myself.  Now that you’re here clearly you’re wondering as well, who is Danielle?   I am a woman, overcoming self doubt, bad relationships, and the bad habit of being a people pleaser.  This blog is my story, my experiences and life from my perspective.  I was once told, I do not need permission to tell “My Story”.   And today, I seek none.

I come from a loving, supportive and close knit family (sometime I think we’re too close).  I have been fortunate to have established true friendships with women I have known for years.

I believe that life has a way of taking you on different paths, adventures and some obstacles that lead us to our true destiny.  This blog will be a new adventure for me; and now you are here to witness it all.  Stay Tuned!

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