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Who run the world?


Or at least that what Beyoncé said, so it has to be true.

As a young woman in the corporate world, we often long for a sense of belonging. Men dominate the corporate arena and band together all the while sharpening their competitive edges against each other. Consequently, women become far and few between as we often bring binoculars to try to search for each other in a large room. Ideally, we often seek our own safe-havens where we can share our professional and personal journeys, network, and build each other up so that our presence becomes more prominent.

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This past week I was very grateful to have been invited to attend the meet & greet for the Dallas Chapter of ColorComm. ColorComm is a leading professional organization for women of color that connects women through networking, career opportunities, and other like-minded individuals as we climb corporate ladders, start our own businesses, and learn and grow from each other as we all reach new heights in various aspects of our lives.

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The Meet & Greet was held at Blue Mesa Grill in Dallas in which a vivacious room of women gathered to mix and mingle over our careers, hobbies, and current strides in the Dallas area. The room was filled with executives, entertainers, marketing and sales professionals, writers, and many women from various aspects of the communications realm. Although we all had different backgrounds, I found that I shared at least one thing in common with every woman I had the opportunity to speak with which was highly refreshing. As women, we need an outlet to not only educate and support each other, but share with each other as well which led me into officially joining and becoming a member of ColorComm. As a young woman making my own mark in the world, it was extremely motivating to see women from all walks and levels come together in one setting. As we shared business cards, exchanged emails and social media handles, and dug a little deeper into respective backgrounds, I truly learned that there is no end to what a woman can do and accomplish when she sets her mind to it.

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While working hard to master my place in corporate America and solidify my place in entrepreneurship, this organization was a refreshing place to mix, mingle, and bounce various ideas & opportunities off another like-minded #GirlBoss. Stay tuned to for more updates on various events I attend & my membership in the organization. For more information and how you can join, visit
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