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Style Follows Her is a media and creative design company that inspires, educates, unites, and entertains real women with a creative spirit. Style Follow Her encourages women to live up to their fullest potential through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. The SFH woman uses creativity and a DIY attitude in all aspects of her life: To take charge of her career, higher education, create power friendships and relationships, enjoying marriage and motherhood, curate her own style, decorate her home, cooking, and entertain a crowd. Through our content, events, and products, we enable her to use creativity to shape her future and live a purposeful life through traditional values and modern-day ideals. Event Styling/Home Décor/Personal Stylist. Style Follows Her reject the myth that career, higher education, and family are mutually exclusive for women.

Founded by  ShantaQuilette Develle, MBA in 2013, she has forever been considered a multi-talented girl. Shantquilette started out in the fashion world at a very young age as floor stylist and sales associate for Express and New York Inc. ShantaQuilette was also responsible for creating the concept and design of the workplace. From there, she went on to work for Neiman Marcus where she was favored by many for her keen eye for style.


Shopping for High-End Clients such as Keisha Whitaker, Barbara Handler, Sabrina Lebeauf, and Amy Irving.  During her journey, she came to the realization that her gift of the “Great Eye” was limitless. The appreciation she had for a perfectly tailored blazer stemmed from the same excitement she would get in finding an amazing wallpaper with a fabulous texture.

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