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Letter from a Counted Out Black Queen | Heather Raquel

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Dear America,


Why do I have to be an angry Black woman when I want to voice my opinion?

Why am I considered too independent if I tell my man that I can hold him down until he gets on his feet? Or that he isn’t a King or not a man enough if I am holding him down?

Why is it that when I wear my hair in its natural state that I am criticized and called ugly?

Or my hair is too nappy and that I need to perm it in order to be accepted?

Why do I have to bow down to the opinions of others instead of listening to my inner me?

Why can’t I just live the life that God created for me and be happy?

Why is it when Black Queens want to be true to themselves we are told that we can’t?

Why is it that we as Black women have to compete with each other?

Why can’t we just have sisterhood and lift each other up?

If we scream to the top of our lungs that we are “Unapologetically Black” or when we are encouraged to “be ourselves”, we are told that we are creating problems.

Why is it when we say that Black Lives Matter we have to hear, “No. All Lives Matter”?

Why is that we as Black people can’t come together until something tragic happens?

Why is that after we have marched and protested we go back to our homes and forget the movement?

Why is being Black so intimidating to our White neighbors?

Why can’t we have our own?

Why can’t we teach our children about who they really are?

Why do we have to have biracial kids in order to stop racism? (I don’t see how that can stop it. It would only create more problems for the child.)

Why is that a Black King would rather be with another King than a Black Queen?

Or a Queen with a Queen?

Why is the Black man an endangered species?

How can we move forward if we are told to forget our past?

Why do we have to bow down to what others say?

Why do we have to hide who we are to make others feel superior?

Why can’t the person we love, love us back?

Why, as a Black woman, should I have to lower my standards for a man?

Why can’t a man see me for who I truly am — His Queen?

Why I can’t have the husband, child, money, and career? Why do I have to chose?

Why can’t I just be Me?

I know that these are a lot of questions, but these are things that I wonder on a daily basis.

I wish that I had an answer for each of these questions.

I may not be the smartest nor speak and write eloquently, but I am ME.

I refuse to let society tell US how WE should be.

I refuse to let a job dictate how my hair should look.

I refuse to allow people’s opinions of how I dress stop me from reaching my destiny.

I refuse to let society make me feel like I’m not beautiful because I don’t fit its measure of beauty.

We are who we are and we should be proud of that.




A Counted Out Black Queen


Heather Raquel

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