Author Debra Peek-Haynes Announces Her Healthy Blend Kickstarter Campaign

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Holistic Health and Nutrition Expert to Launch her First Crowdfunding Project


Dallas, TX –  Over 27 years ago Debra Peek-Haynes, the author of Debra Peek-Haynes’ Healing Kitchen: The Beginners Guide to Healthy Living, was diagnosed with early menopause. While most doctors she consulted with told her that conceiving a child would be impossible, Peek-Haynes visited Dr. Jewel Pookrum, who taught her how green vegetables and organic food products could change her condition. Within a year she and her husband conceived. They are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter who is a recent graduate of Howard University.


During her journey to understanding how to eat healthier, Peek-Haynes found that one does not have to sacrifice good, flavorful meals to do what’s best for their body. This is why she is now introducing her new product Debra’s Healthy Blends. After years of research and testing out different herbs and spices, Peek-Haynes has developed blends that will actually make food taste good without ruining one’s health.

Peek-Haynes has decided to go to the community and help bring Debra’s Healthy Blends to market. She will be doing this through crowdfunding by promoting her very first Kickstarter campaign. “Crowdfunding is the creative way to announce a new product while allowing contributors to participate,” explained Peek-Haynes. “It is exciting that the very people my blends will help will be the ones raising the necessary capital for my new exciting venture.”

As with other crowdfunding projects, Peek-Haynes will be offering various rewards to those who donate to her campaign. This will include packages of Debra’s Healthy Blends, copies of her book, and more.


The official launch date of the Kickstarter campaign will be announced at Please visit the site and be sure to sign up for email updates.

Debra’s Healthy Blends key features:

  • Adds delicious taste to food
  • Organic ingredients
  • The blends are anti-inflammatory
  • Each blend can enhance recipes
  • Using the blends encourages healthier eating
  • The blends create unique flavors


The experience of learning how to prepare food that tastes good and is healthy for you, has led Peek-Haynes on a journey of teaching others the importance of prioritizing what to put in your body. Through her cooking workshops, recipe demonstrations, and her cookbook, she has been able to help people all over the world. With the support of her followers and any one that seeks a healthier diet, she will be able to bring the blends to market.



About Debra Peek-Haynes


Known as a healthy lifestyle consultant, Debra Peek-Haynes has appeared in local and national media where she continues to share her personal story of transformation through diet. For nearly 30 years she has conducted seminars on health and wellness across the globe. Her goal is to be a champion of healthy living and clean eating. To learn more please visit




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