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The Ultimate Date Night (Let’s Talk)

” Storytelling Music ”

Welcome back LUVs or shall I say ” I am back lovelies”! 
I am so happy to be back typing and voicing my thoughts on my blog page that it is utterly ridiculous. I was down for a few days from my previous laptop breaking down on me anonymously, to my car condenser breaking down, and lastly losing an amazing job offer that had me devastated for a few days but hey I can’t cry over spilled milk… all I can do now is focus and continue on my business and craft I know that there is a bigger blessing ahead. 

NOW THAT I GOT THAT INFORMATION OUT OF THE WAY (Smile) and thank you to all of the lovelies that have been writing me on my Instagram site and checking out my page… you guys are AWESOME! 

Which brings me to my page topic today…. this past weekend I won tickets to the“Date Night Tour”. This was an event being promoted on Instagram by“DFWBlackBloggers” (an amazing blog site by the way). I was surprised that I won, yet excited at the same time because I knew this was going to be a new experience for me. This whole night was something to remember and I am certainly going to break everything down from the time being so you my lovelies can take a feel of the experience of the night right along with me.

The “Date night tour” came to Dallas on Friday (May 11, 2018) to the “City Tavern in Dallas“. Me personally I’ve never been to the venue until this night and I will certainly say after Friday night I will be back. As I stated earlier in my post I won tickets to attend the showing with someone . I was lost for an hour on trying to find a date until realized I’ve been in contact well talking to this special guy for a moment so why not invite him (this would be our 4th date together ) I usually keep things very light but on this night I decided to be free and just enjoy myself. Coming inside the venue I can tell that my date was a little nervous because he just expressed to me he usually doesn’t go to shows like this and or the atmosphere like this one lol ; my date is more of a let’s go to the gym, relax at home and watch Netflix, or get something to eat type fellow but he does try new things if asked.

My date and I finally got settled inside of the venue, got our drinks, finally found a seat, and enjoyed the show. First on the mic was an artist named ” Bee Ardoin ” (let me remind you LUVs that this show case is presented by Proper-Art & Barakaology so I should’ve known that other amazing artists were going to be here as well.) I’ve heard of Bee Ardoin before and I will say from seeing her in person that her voice is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Bee Ardoin hit the stage and sung one of her hit songs “Surrender“. Listening to her voice was beyond intriguing and the calmness in her tone was even more relaxing sitting there listening to her song. The song “Surrender”

We vibe’d out when she was on the mic and next up was “ Sean C. Johnson ” Who is also a well known christian R & B artist (You can check out his website here >>.>(http://www.seancjohnson.com/#home-section ) with that being said Sean Johnson got on the mic and blessed everyone in the audience with his lovely voice. Before this night the only artist I heard of before the night was Bee Ardoin so when I listened to Sean Johnson I knew that I had to download his music right after the show. Sean got up there on the mic and graced the audience with a few words of wisdom and more music for the soul.

I was able to get a few videos and pics from the night (Will post videos down below)
I was beating myself up because I feel that I could’ve got more pics and videos but between the drinks flowing and vibing with my date I simply forgot, but that did not stop anything for me especially with enjoying the show. Sean Johnson just dropped an album called “Days Like This” which he performed one of his hit songs from the album titled “Day Dreaming” the night of the show. This song has a beautiful message especially for the couples out there that is looking for something smooth to ride and listen too. (Click on his website link to check out his new album on spotify)  I was able to get a brief video of Sean giving the audience some wise encouraging words. His album is a walk through journey for reflection especially for any couple out there going through a troubling time and now you two are trying to work things out with one another, to songs on the album reaching out to the single man or women looking for love or maybe interested in some one that you may want to get close too. The album by Sean C. Johnson is quite remarkable and I for sure can not wait until more music is released by this wonderful artist.

Next up to the stage was the main act for the night (Vanessa Hill and Sho Baraka ) These two hit the stage and performed songs from their new album “ So Many Feelings 

Now my LUVs you guys know I keep it real when I voice my thoughts on my blog. I looked up Sho Baraka and Vanessa Hill before attending the show to see what type of feel I will be getting at the venue also to hear some of the music by them. The album “So Many Feelings” popped up immediately and pulled up on YouTube (I will post videos and song down below ) Sho Baraka and Vanessa Hill are both R&B artists as well creating songs in my opinion for the “Grown and Sexy ” crowd. I listened to a few songs from the playlist and fell for the album after the first few songs. Giving my honest feedback on the album I truly feel that it is a master piece with a lot of creativity. The performance at the venue was engaging and both artists blessed the stage with one of their hit songs from the album “Date Night ” this song has a fun upbeat feel to the music that will get you moving on your feet and both Vanessa and Sho gave a vision through the song that you can actually envision a married couple or relationship couple trying to enjoy a fun night with one another without the kids and enjoying each other presence. The album itself is a walk through fantasy for anyone to enjoy, you will get words of wisdom and a therapy session all in one after you listen to the album So Many Feelings!

(Sho Baraka & Vanessa Hill performance over “Date Night ” )

 ( Vanessa Hill Performance)

 (Vanessa Hill Performance )

The show performance at “City Tavern in Dallas” was definitely a night to remember. My date and I enjoyed the scene and the music from each artists that hit the stage. The crowd was beyond engaging and the people there were beyond chill and relaxed, I will for sure go to another concert/show that ” ProperArt & Barakology ” presents the show was amazing. I was for sure impressed with how relaxed and laid back my date was due to him going to an event like this for the first time. We really enjoyed ourselves (Video down below from my snap chat ) I believe the show sparked something up with my date because right afterwards we decided to enjoy the Dallas Tx. night life with a lot more positive vibes flowing. I mainly wanted Ice cream after the show but the ice cream shop was extremely packed so but instead my date and I decided to walk downtown Dallas the part called “Deep Ellum” to enjoy a nice walk and find me a sweet snack to enjoy ( lol ). While we were walking downtown one of the songs from the show was still stuck in my head so I decided to download the album to my phone. The night was something to remember and til this day I am still jamming Vanessa Hill and Sho Baraka ” So many Feelings ” album. If you are reading this blog post and you have yet to listen to one of these amazing artists music (Bee Ardoin, Sean C. Johnson, Vanessa Hill, Sho Baraka ) then you my friend are sleeping. Check out the different artists and their sound captivating music I promise you will not be disappointment.
With everything being said in this post I am glad that I was a ticket winner by DFWBlackBloggers because if it wasn’t for them and the tickets I probably would not have known about any of these artists and their music. I now have new R&B Artists that I can play on my iTunes and actually relate to the music so please support and check them out lovelies.
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