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Top 5 Things to expect this week in Dallas

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  1. I’m not sure why this is significant because 98, 99 and 100 all feel the same to me in 635 east traffic. Be prepared for seven straight days of 100 degree plus weather starting Friday. Make it a thirsty Thursday and be sure to hydrate a day ahead.


  1. Lupe Valdez for Governor? If the name is familiar, congratulations you pay more attention than the average person. Former Dallas Sherriff Lupe Valdez is now Democratic nominee for Governor of Texas in the 2018 gubernatorial election. Her politics are bad but she is better than the opponent, the current Governor Abbot. I am not sure if this is a safe assumption to make so I will defer to this Dallas News article regarding the possible implications for the state if a Latino governor wins, and, more specifically, IF Latinos will come out for her at all. Election Day is November 26, 2018 and click HERE to find out where to vote. Get to it!


  1. A more important race, in my opinion, is for Georgia state governor, Stacey Abrams. A black woman with good politics winning in a red state is a major feat for the Deep South. While many may not consider Texas the Deep South, have some pity and consider the following: 1) We are at the mercy of a red state, 2) no shortage of Confederate flags even in so-called urban cities…like Dallas, and 3) the Governor blames the lack school exits for mass shootings. Winning in Georgia would create huge implications for the whole South. Do the work, visit the campaign site and find out if she’s someone to support, and if you believe what I typed above, donate a few bucks to let her know she has support outside of Georgia.


  1. Rising rent prices are sure to come. The City of Dallas released a shiny new housing policy to address the housing shortage and subsequent rising rent. Of the many reports during their study, one finding was that 60% of Dallas-ites spend over a 1/3 of their income on rent. Are you with the 60%? Stand up! You aren’t alone, and you can do something about it. This policy was released in reaction to the 20,000 shortage of homes. We cover the policy, the solutions, and personal experiences with finding cheaper rent and more in Episode 8 (click HERE)of The Den.


  1. Jordan Edwards trial is coming up. How do I know? I looked up the Dallas County District Attorney Facebook, emailed the email on a press release, and they replied pretty quickly. I’m gonna play it safe and not screenshot the conversation for fear of retribution concerning privacy laws. As of now, according to the person on this email, “jury selection for that case is currently scheduled for June 15, and the trial is currently scheduled for August 16.” Edwards, 15, was shot and killed by Officer Roy Oliver of the Mesquite Police Department on April 29, 2017 in the very racist-people filled place of Balch Springs, for what it appears the crime of being Black in America. Fired by the Department and indicted for murder, we push and hope for a conviction and fair sentencing.


If I missed anything else, please leave a comment of what YOU are looking forward to. Drop it in the comments.



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