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Changing the Game | The Heather Raquel


When you have seven beautiful strong black women in a room together who are on one accord and giving advice on entrepreneurship from their perspectives, you can’t help but to change the game. And, ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what happened at DJ Duffey and Friends presents
“Changing the Game” weekend.

When I walked into the PRYME Bar on Sunday afternoon I didn’t know what to expect, but my mind was open, and I was ready to receive. The event opened up with DeDe Mcguire introducing herself and all of the panelists who would be speaking that day. The panel consisted of DJ Duffey, B. Simone, Jessica (DaRealBBJudy) Dupart, Brandi Maxiell, Tiffanie Mims and Kamiel Harrison. DJ Duffy started off by telling her story of how she graduated from the University of Texas of Arlington and got pregnant with her son by an NFL player, who eventually left her during her pregnancy. She told us about the struggles she went through as a single mother working at Enterprise Car Rental. Just listening to her story made me think of myself especially with me working for Hertz Rental right now. Right then and there I knew that I wanted to hear what all of the other ladies had to say on the panel.

Kamiel Harrison spoke about being in the real estate business and gave us information to help us if that was a direction that we wanted to go in. Brandi Maxiell, talked about her struggle with being a housewife and battling ovarian cancer. She told us about how she overcame the battle
and started her own business with her mother, through her faith in God and belief in herself. By the time Brandi was done pretty much everyone had a tear in their eyes. B. Simone talked about choosing Faith over Fear which that one quote instantly stuck to me. To hear that out loud for me
was invigorating. I honestly needed to hear those words at that particular moment. She also told us about her raise to fame, and the importance of a vision board. Tiffanie Mims talked about how you need others when it comes to having a successful business. She said’ “you have to be equally
yoked in business just like any other relationship.” Last but not least Miss Jessica Dupart, out of all the speakers she was my favorite because she kept it as real as possible. She stood up and told us the ugly truth about business and being lazy. She challenged us to get up and network with the
ladies in the room. She talked about the importance of networking. She let us know how she built a million-dollar company through networking.
So, the five things that I took away from this event was:

1. Choose Faith over Fear
2. Let your voice be heard no matter what other people may say
3. Whatever it is that you are doing in business take it up another level
4. Invest in yourself
5. You are never too much

Changing the Game weekend was everything that I needed to motivate me to keep going as an entrepreneur. I hope that this blog was able to give you an extra push as well to keep moving forward too. Thanks for reading!

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