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Welcome to Listening Sessions DFW where rare talent meets raw vibes. E. Calloway Management and M’Edge Group have done it again with another dope Listening Session. This is my 3rdevent with them and they continue to bring dope music and quality artist to our attention. The energy on Friday night was incredible. When Kierra “King Kie” Gray graced the stage to sing a few of her songs you could feel intensity from her melodies voice. As the words from her song “The Sol” wrapped around me I could feel the connection that she sung about. It made me think of my own love and our connection. King Kie explained to us her inspiration for naming her album “Pie in the Sky”. When she broke down Pi 3.14 and her birthday being 3/14 it was simple to see where it came from. If you know nothing about vibrations and energies, then you are lost right now.


Next up on the stage we got to hear music from Van Gammon and a performance. Now this performer I was excited to see because I had already heard some of his music and seen a few performances, but none of that could prepare me for hearing him in person. As soon as I heard the song “Organic” I was mesmerized. I could have sworn that Kendrick Lamar was on the stage at the time. I don’t know if I am the only one who has been looking for real hip hop in a world full of fake thugs and drug dealers. Or wanna be rappers who only rap about doing drugs, money and sex. Van Gammon made me fall in love all over again with real hip hop. There’s nothing like an MC that raps about more than material things. He’s song “4 Tha Culture” is the one that showed me his lyricist skills. When he said, “that’s BAE, Black American Excellence”. I could have hit the floor when I heard that line. When you are proud of your culture, no matter what picture society tries to paint it, those kinds of words give you more love for it.


All I can say is do not miss the next Listening Sessions DFW. Go to their IG page and follow them @listeningsessionsdfw. Also follow @kierratheking @vangammon @bewhatsnext and @themedgegroup just so you can keep up with what’s going on in the underground music world in Dallas. Mke sure you follow me as well @theheatherraquel and thanks for reading!!


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